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Submitted on
July 25, 2007


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  • Mood: Psychotic
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okay.. Sorry about the title XD. I will explain..
Yesterday I went to a carnival with my cousin Taylor and her friend Angie. We got there and went on some really scary ass rides. I mean EVERY one was horribly fast and they hurt :/  And every ride except the ferris wheel was operated by an illegal immagrant, I swear. Lol. And to make it worse, Taylor wa in a skirt so she gave like 50 people a free show, XD.
Then we went in line for this one himilaya ride and we got stopped to wait in line until that ride was over, and It BROKE! Like right there! It was gassy smelling and icky..
Well then we left that ride and went to the petting zoo, where I flipped out cause they had a llama. And on the way out some really tall guy came over to taylor and was like "ruuh?" shes like "um..I dont know you.." and he kept sayin those crazy ass words for like two mins, then his mom (?) came over and was all like "omg I'm sorry!! Hes just friendly.."  Poor guy. he probably has downs syndrome or something...
Then we made a funnel cake man that had a ice cream cone thingy. XDD
Soo, thats it XD. Bye!
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they teach the ride operators 3 things in english: help, stop, and my arm is stuck. lmao. IM SERIOUS.
yea I guess so, cause Itried askin the one guy if 3 ppl can sit in a seat and he didnt know until we were screaming TRES! TRES!
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